How I beat a patent troll – TED talk by Drew Curtis


Drew Curtis, the founder of, speaks on his experience with patent trolls.


Teens awaiting their first patent

Seeking Patent protection is not limited to giant corporates, research institutes, or companies anymore. Increasing number of youngsters seek protection for their innovation through patents. Moreover, the youngsters are coming up with great beneficial inventions.

Did you know that the technology for television was invented by a 14 year-old boy? Young people are great inventors!

The new young Patentees are finalists of this year’s Intel Science Talent Search(STS) which includes Naomi Chetan Shah, Catherine Wong, Alison Dana Bick and Pavan N.

Naomi, a 17 year old girl develops a computer program to process the indoor air and predict the health risks caused by indoor pollution. For this, Naomi collected and analysed air samples, further collected lung health data, and then the computer program formulated by her will diagnose the health risks. It was very late when she realised that her invention has to be patented to protect it from theft. Because according to US patent Law, once inventors publish, or make public, their inventions, they have to file a patent application within 12 months. Therefore, Naomi is trying to seek patent on the revised version of the computer program.

While Catherine, another 17 year old girl was quicker to apply patent for her invention on a Wireless stethoscope and a Wireless device for transmitting information about hearts electrical signals.

Using this revolutionary invention doctors could diagnose illness in faraway patients.

Alison Bick, 19 invented a way to test for bacterial contamination in drinking water using household materials like cell phones, light and a plastic bag. She was smart enough to patent the invention on her own.

At the same time, Pavan 18, during his internship at Teledyne Scientific & Imaging discovered a solution to merging two fuel cells, one microbial cell and another alcohol based fuel cell. Pavan formulated a membrane that would allow alcohol to pass from first fuel cell to the second, by blocking the unwanted byproduct and thus made a novel solution. The company patented his discovery.

There are many more such teens lined up in the path of innovation and further into acquiring patents. We need more teens to come forward with such amazing discoveries. We wish them all Goodluck in their future endeavours.

Author, Trishala Joseph, is a senior patent engineer working at IP ASTRA